Letter from TeenWealth123

To Whomever This Concerns,

Teens, no matter what generation, have always felt almost like they have to make up for not being certain of themselves or their future. A lot of them attempt to make up for it in some sort of way, like dressing according to the norm or holding themselves to a certain standard on how others should perceive them. Our generation is especially troubled by this, partially because the dawn of social media basically heightened this need on a ten-fold.

So now, no matter what “groups” you fit into, you can see this everywhere. Teens must post regularly, keep up with the drama, and stick to the various social-norms that follow them.  Despite the rise in advocating against such mindsets, it’s almost like people just end up choosing one focus for another, like focusing on outer-beauty than inner-beauty and becoming the best “Queen” you could be. We make these trades without realizing it and sometimes we don’t even recognize the difference it makes in our lives. We all leave something behind when we make trades like these, that’s part of why we feel like we aren’t good enough or popular enough, and because we don’t see the results we like, as a result we don’t feel real enough.   

I’m here to tell you that you are real enough. No matter how alright, fine, or good you seem on the outside and no matter how ugly, destruct, and horrible you feel on the inside, I’m here to tell you that it’s alright because you truly are enough.  You are worthy of living, dreaming, and succeeding. I want you to succeed. That’s why I made this website. I want you to explore ways you can better your life, whether it be through your lifestyle, ambitions, or health. Friends, family, and strangers have put hours of work into information on this site.  Enjoy!



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